Humans are not superior in any field to the other races, but also not the worst. Their only disadvantage is their relatively high resource consumption. Humans are very well suited for beginners.


Cromagnons distinguish themselves by superior strength and the ability to extremely fast excavate new troops. However, they have virtually no defense and they research very slowly. In addition, only 10% of their resources are protected from raiders.


The Ascendeds have dedicated their lives to science. Accordingly, they can quickly research. They also have huge defense capabilities. However, the process of ascension takes a long time, which affects the speed of training troops. In addition, they lose their attack power.


The indigenous people live in strong harmony with their environment. This allows them to quickly build new buildings. Unfortunately, they do research a bit slow and are not necessarily suitable for the fight. As the only race, they are able to hide 90% of their resources in attacks.